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RGHI convenes key stakeholders to collaborate on implementing hygiene insights into sound policies and effective intervention guidance. Through strategic convenings and partnerships, RGHI seeks to bridge the gap between research and action, fostering positive and lasting impacts on global public health. Together, we can transform the field of hygiene research, develop evidence-based interventions, and create a healthier and more sustainable future for all.

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RGHI is driven by its mission to alleviate the global burden of communicable diseases and disabilities that are caused by poor hygiene practices. Each year, millions of people suffer from preventable illnesses due to inadequate hygiene. Hygienic behavior change is an affordable and powerful intervention that can significantly improve the health outcomes of people and societies around the world.

The field of hygiene research currently faces challenges due to inconsistent and contradictory results. RGHI is committed to conducting focused research on hygiene interventions and behaviors with the ultimate goal of creating a comprehensive understanding of good hygiene practices, supported by coherent insights from behavioral, epidemiological, and economic perspectives. By doing so, RGHI aims to redefine hygiene and enable the full potential of hygiene interventions.

An investment in RGHI is not only an investment in community resilience.
It’s also an investment in business and economic stability.

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