Investing in WASH is an Essential Approach to Preventing Disease, RGHI’s David Wheeler Says in Global Health Matters Podcast

In a new episode of the Global Health Matters podcast, David Wheeler, acting executive director of RGHI, presents a strong case for investing in WASH as an essential approach to preventing disease.

Opinion: End the neglect of hygiene as a public policy issue

In this Devex article, Clarissa Brocklehurst asks why governments consistently overlook hygiene, which is one of the most effective and cheapest health interventions.

Reducing food safety risks in home kitchens with science, education, and communication

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Perspectives: Addressing workplace hygiene to mitigate the cost and risk of infectious disease

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In a highly connected world, disease is not isolated from other risks

Filling the gaps in hygiene research is critical to risk management and business resilience, says RGHI’s David Wheeler.

What mask hesitancy in the U.S. reveals about the need for a true hygiene discipline

To improve public health outcomes, we need to invest in hygiene research and in those who are working to solve hygiene-related issues.

UNICEF report finds gaps and bottlenecks in menstrual health services

In this Devex article about a menstrual health report, co-author and RGHI fellow Julie Hennegan says more is needed to address challenges in menstrual health services.

Hygiene: The missing element in corporate ESG programs

RGHI's David Wheeler says that by investing in hygiene research, corporations can make a difference in the lives of their employees and in the lives of those across the globe.

Why we all need to re-learn the art of hand washing

This article in the Telegraph cites research by RGHI fellow Ian Ross and others that promoting handwashing with soap could reduce acute respiratory infection morbidity, such as Covid deaths, by 17 percent.

David Wheeler, director, Reckitt Global Hygiene Institute: The changemaker interview

RGHI's David Wheeler discusses RGHI's mission and notes that hygiene is the first line of defense for our health as well as the first step in achieving a healthy and thriving society.