Hygiene experts urge global health community to wake up to the value of hygiene ahead of World Health Assembly

This month world leaders will convene for the 76th World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland; an annual event that hygiene experts say has thus far failed to adequately include and address hygiene.

Healthcare professionals aren’t equipped to practise good hand hygiene, experts say on World Hand Hygiene Day

“Clean your hands, it’ll save lives;” that’s the message the World Health Organization is sharing this World Hand Hygiene Day, but hygiene experts say that remains difficult for millions of healthcare workers who operate in environments that don’t have clean water and soap.

Handwashing during ‘normal times’ can reduce burden of respiratory disease

New research published in The Lancet reinforces the idea that handwashing outside of pandemic times is vital in order to reduce the burden of common colds and flu in low- and middle-income countries. Analysis of studies involving 160,000 people across three continents reinforces message that handwashing is not just for pandemics.

Young Australians are taking up reusable menstrual hygiene products, but their needs aren’t being met

Half of young women and people who menstruate in Victoria, Australia surveyed have tried a reusable menstrual product— such as menstrual cups, recyclable pads and period pants — but education, product support, and bathroom facilities are still too focused on single-use items, according to new research.

New Ebola-like virus brings the value of ‘hygiene’ in terms of prevention back to the fore

The Marburg virus is the latest in a string of deadly diseases that are putting the health of entire populations at risk. While scientists scramble to find efficacious vaccines for a virus that’s part of the Ebola family, experts say hygiene practices remain among the most effective methods of prevention.

RGHI hosts ICA Grant information session and Q&A

The Reckitt Global Hygiene Institute hosted an information session and live Q&A on its International Collaboration Award (ICA) grant on 29th March 2023. The ICA grant will support research institutions to work in partnership to develop…

Health for all remains a pipedream without hygiene

The 2023 theme for the World Health Organization’s World Health Day on April 7th was “achieving health for all.” The United Nations agency, along with the Pan American Health Organization, took the day to look back at public health successes that have improved quality of life since the WHO’s inception 75 years ago. Whilst there are many to celebrate, experts say progress has been limited because of a repeated failure to invest in hygiene and that that will continue to be the case unless something changes.

Does the Cochrane Review put the mask debate to bed? Or is it bad science?

An updated Cochrane Review has suggested that ‘masks don’t reduce the spread of COVID in the community’. Does this finally put to bed the ongoing debate which continues to pit those who think masks are an aberration against the growing body of evidence showing benefit? Unfortunately not because, in simple terms, it isn’t good science.

Transatlantic norovirus surge has hygiene experts on high alert

Cases of the contagious norovirus are on the rise in the United States and in the United Kingdom and hygiene experts are advising the general public to resume its COVID-19-level hygiene habits to prevent the spread.

UHC is not a realistic goal while hygiene continues to be ignored

Universal health coverage (UHC) is a global goal set by the United Nations. But this goal won’t be achieved if hygiene continues to be neglected by decision-makers.