Does the Cochrane Review put the mask debate to bed? Or is it bad science?

An updated Cochrane Review has suggested that ‘masks don’t reduce the spread of COVID in the community’. Does this finally put to bed the ongoing debate which continues to pit those who think masks are an aberration against the growing body of evidence showing benefit? Unfortunately not because, in simple terms, it isn’t good science.

Transatlantic norovirus surge has hygiene experts on high alert

Cases of the contagious norovirus are on the rise in the United States and in the United Kingdom and hygiene experts are advising the general public to resume its COVID-19-level hygiene habits to prevent the spread.

UHC is not a realistic goal while hygiene continues to be ignored

Universal health coverage (UHC) is a global goal set by the United Nations. But this goal won’t be achieved if hygiene continues to be neglected by decision-makers.

Chatham House Report concludes that changing hygiene behaviors can lead to better health, for the individual, the wider population, and the economy

Yet, even with the lessons from COVID-19, hygiene still struggles to gain political importance. Why? A lack of safe water, sanitation, and hygiene results not only in loss of dignity, safety, health, and education, but also economic potential. It is at the heart of “human capital,” not only for the current working generation, but for generations to come. However, the subject of hygiene has never been near the top of the political agenda, something that needs to change.

Polio vaccination efforts must be supported by good hygiene, say experts on World Polio Day

World Polio Day on October 24th is an annual day that highlights progress on the road to polio eradication. As new outbreaks of an archaic disease sweep the globe, hygiene experts warn that vaccination as the first line of defence must be backed up by adequate hygiene.

Governments are not doing enough to encourage hand hygiene, say experts on Global Handwashing Day

Efforts to bolster handwashing have languished following the darkest days of COVID-19, yet colds, flu, stomach bugs and diarrhoea still pose deadly risks. 

The public isn’t prepared for the flu’s 2022 winter comeback

While influenza cases may have seen a decline over the past few years, hygiene experts are warning of a potential resurgence this winter. Too focussed on the fact COVID-19 may be becoming less of a threat, people could be caught off guard and spend the winter sicker than they may have been throughout the pandemic, they say.

Hygiene experts call for renewed hygiene efforts amid NYC’s polio outbreak

New York City has declared a state of emergency after detecting a case of polio. Experts say improved hygiene will be key to stopping the spread.

The first piece of research funded by the Reckitt Global Hygiene Institute reveals crucial correlation between drought and diarrhoea among children under 5

The first research to have been funded by the Reckitt Global Hygiene Institute, has been published in Nature Communications. RGHI is a not-for-profit foundation that was established by Reckitt plc in 2020 with a $25 million grant to generate…

On World Refugee Day hygiene experts highlight the many camps that don’t have clean water and proper toilets

A lack of clean water, hazardous toilets and no menstrual hygiene products – that’s the reality many refugees the world over are facing.