Flyover Bridge Construction - Amakohia/Akwakuma Imo State

  • Architectural design of the flyover

  • Casting of supporting beams.

  • Setting up casting metals.

  • Transporting beams to project site

  • Concrete wall ready for casting.

Flyover Bridge Construction - Amakohia/Akwakuma, Imo State, Nigeria - Current Project

The construction division of RG Holding International has been awarded a multi million naira project to build a high capacity flyover bridge in Imo State. A lot of progress has been made so far on the project, and it is expected to be completed within couple of months. This flyover bridge will connect the Amakohia/Akwakuma link road, the new road leading to onitsha road as well as the road leading to orji uratta.  it is expected that once completed will alleviate a lot of traffic challenges being experienced on these roads.

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