About Us

Who we are

RG Holding International ltd is the holding company for a collection of construction related and agro-allied businesses working throughout Nigeria. Our subsidiaries work for government departments, fellow private sector organisations as well as directly with the general public through our retail businesses.

At RG Holding International ltd , we possess a deep understanding of civil engineering and building construction needs of our clients. Our long-standing history of quality commercial developments and our distinction in property management go hand-in-hand with our understanding of every aspect of construction, commercial and residential real estate as well as agro-allied businesses, and how it relates to our clients. We are trustworthy, ethical, and able to adapt to market conditions in order to meet our client’s needs.

Our Approach

These days, most builders care more about profit than they do about quality. They are always in a rush to finish one project and move onto the next. They don't have the time to deal with individual clients. This is because many of them are large companies and faceless organizations. Half the time you don't know who you are talking to!

With us, it is different! The buck stops here. We are a locally owned, with vertically integrated operations. It is our reputation that is on the line. You can be rest assured that you are dealing with people you know, and can trust. We know it's business, but we take it personally. That's because we care passionately about what we do, and we build every home like we own it. We give you our word, and our personal guarantee. If it matters to you, it matters to us.

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