• We produce high quality Lightweight Block

  • We build durable roads!

  • We are experienced!

    As an experienced company, we are all you need for your building and construction projects.

  • World Class Project Team.

    Our engineers are known for delivering superior quality
    projects at the best price bargains!.
    our track records speak for us!

  • We plan & Execute.

    We don't just jump into a project,
    our team of experts seat down and plan your project. From conception & procurement
    to delivery, we make sure you do not run out of budget!

  • World class architectural Drawings!

Property Development

Construction of sustainable buildings is a core competence of RG Holding International Ltd. Our company has a history of building perfectly engineered and designed buildings, which are reflective of both client as well as Nigeria specific requirements.
Since our arrival in Nigeria, we have carried out masive projects in Abuja, Edo, Lagos and Imo State. Our Production facility is located in Owerri, Imo State, where all projects are being managed from. The expertise contained within the company is extensive in all aspects of Design, construction & management...


Civil Engineering & Construction

Development of complex infrastructure is a key element in our core competence. Countless bridges and road systems across Nigeria illustrate the durable quality of our infrastructure works.
Our services in the genre of Asphalt Road Construction is appreciated for fast completion, accuracy of job done and attention to detail. We use most genuine and hard wearing raw materials in constructing the roads. The roads prepared by us are durable, capable of heavy load bearing and do not break into man holes and fissures.
Our expertise in Asphalt Road Construction is evident in the surface finish of the roads, immunity to water logging and heavy traffic bearing capability.



As part of our portfolio, we have an agro-allied, food and drinks business division that covers the following areas:

  • Organic Red palm oil production & sales.
  • Consumer canned and packaged food such as granular.
  • Cream Liquor.


About RGHI

RG Holding International ltd is the holding company for a collection of construction related and agro-allied businesses working throughout Nigeria. Our subsidiaries work for government departments, fellow private sector organisations as well as directly with the general public through our retail businesses.
We provide high quality, cost effective and customer focused solutions. Our company encourages a culture of positivity, support and constant improvement among its over 500 staff and 700 contractors. It is this culture, coupled with the vision and leadership of our key personnel that ensures we continue to grow steadily across the globe.


Pre-cast concrete panels

The Unique pre-cast concrete panel system used by RGHI in many of its projects provides clients with a long lasting structures which require little or no maintenance. The system has been successfully used in many projects. We continue to develop new designs and products so as to optimize construction techniques for our Clients. We are continually developing within Nigeria and are available, at any time, to discuss your needs or projects in any part of the country.

Stone Quarrying

We have established a self-sufficient logistics chain; vertically integrated operations, improved efficiency and timeliness of project execution. Also, our subsidiaries support our company’s ability to offer a complete range of construction related services.

Concrete Aggregate

As part of our self suficiency efforts, we have an aggregate production line where we produce pure concretes used in all our project sites.


Latest Company News

Okigwe Road Flyover

Okigwe Road Flyover.    

4th May, 2016

Comencement date - September 2015

In record time, the okigwe road flyover will be ready for commissioning by the President of the Federal republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR on the 6th of June, 2016.

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